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Liverpool Community Spirit
17 Cathedral Close
L1 7BR 

General Enquiries: 

  Telephone: (0151) 709 3171

Director: Matthew Thompson  

Tutor and Youth Council Co-ordinator: Sammia Jaffar  

Administrator: Liese van Alwon



Liverpool Community Spirit

Liverpool Community Spirit works with people of all generations from diverse faith and cultural backgrounds, including those of no faith, to promote positive and enduring community spirit in our city of Liverpool.

Liverpool Community Spirit is an inter-faith and inter-cultural, community education initiative.  Drawing on the insights of Liverpool’s rich diversity of communities we promote caring and inclusive community spirit across the region.


Faiths in Our City


Your comprehensive and essential guide to the faith communities of Liverpool, their beliefs, values, customs and tradition.

Faiths covered: Baha'i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Rastafarian, Sikh, Zoroastrian/Parsee


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The Red Gold and Green Foundation: The colours of Ethiopia, the spiritual heart of Africa and her diaspora community

The Liverbird designed by Rowse for the Queensway tunnel.

The shepherd's crook uniting our diverse communities or the 'flock'

Bottom character:  Hebrew letter 'chet' at the heart of Hebrew words ‘chesed’ (loving kindness) and  'chaim' ('life’)

Top characters: Arabic numerals adding up to 99 (99 names of God/Allah)

Middle Left: Chinese character 'Ren' denoting kindness

Middle Right: Sanskrit 'Sangha' meaning community/brotherhood